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Park Operations

Aug 02

The Wizard of NRH2O

Posted on August 2, 2016 at 11:55 PM by Stephanie Hee

The Wizard of NRH2O
Kaitlyn Tharp, Marketing Intern

There is one name at NRH2O that all of the team members know, fear, respect, and desire approval from; that name is Frank Perez. Mr. Perez is the reason that NRH2O continues to be around and opens daily, so I find it imperative that we use this blog as an opportunity to give gratitude and the deserved attention to Frank Perez.

Perez has been at NRH2O since the beginning, 1995, where he began as Operations Coordinator. As Operations Coordinator, Perez was in charge of the Aquatics, Park Services, and Maintenance departments, ensuring water safety, and keeping all attractions clean and safe. After 19 years of dedication to his positions and company, Perez became the General Manager of NRH2O, which means he is now the headman of the entire park. Perez now oversees all departments and has the final say on all situations. I have personally been an employee for Perez for 4 years, and I can honestly say that I am grateful every single day that I am able to work for such an amazing man!

Perez has a unique leading style that makes all team members admire and respect this man so much. Although Perez is swamped with work all throughout the day, he always finds time in he day to walk through the park and check in with all his team members. He knows all of the team members by name; I’m not sure if y’all realize how incredible this is, because one man is able to go around NRH2O and get to know a few hundred employees on a personal level! When I was a Lifeguard, Frank would come up to my stand every day and ask “Tharp, how is your day going?” and we would continue have an enjoyable conversation about anything! Then, Perez would make his way to the next Lifeguard to check in on them. I have seen Frank Perez do this every day for four years, which is why all team members and I greatly adore this man!

Operating and maintaining a waterpark is an extremely difficult job, which is why Frank never hesitates to help out. It is never a surprise to find Perez at NRH2O around 6 am in an old shirt that is covered in holes and grease, with sweat dripping down his face. Although he is the General Manager and could simply tell the Maintenance Department to do the job themselves or just hire someone else to do it, Perez will roll his sleeves up and work as team to get the job done. The work ethic and humility that Perez displays daily are why all of the NRH2O team members praise him so much!

Frank Perez leads by example and kindness, which is noticed by all team members and guests. While writing this blog, I went around the park and asked a few colleagues what they think of Mr. Perez, and I can honestly say that I did not receive one negative response:

  • “The kindest and most loyal man I know. He is literally the best boss that anyone could ask for.”
  • “He has great calves, wait is he going to know that I said this?”
  • “He is simply the greatest man alive”
  • “I love him so much! The greatest boss ever!!”
  • “Dang it!  I left my spark at home! Wait, what did you say?”

He is the man that everyone can rely on, who sacrifices so much for us all, and expects nothing in return. I am not sure if Perez realizes how much the entire NRH2O staff appreciates all that he does for the team members and park. But Frank, your hard work, love, and dedication has not (and will never) go unnoticed.

When you ask Frank why he is perpetually hardworking and reliable, he will always become overwhelming bashful, due to his hatred for any sort of attention. Once you are able to get passed the blushed cheeks and coy demeanor, he says that it is all for the team members and guests. Frank works hard every day not for himself, a paycheck, or a promotion; but rather for the benefit and enjoyment of others. This is why Frank is simply loveable and respected by all who know him. Frank Perez was the first boss I had, and may I say that he has set the bar extremely high for my future employers at my ultimate career.

Jul 22

Team Member of the Year

Posted on July 22, 2016 at 8:52 PM by Stephanie Hee

Team Member of the Year
Kaitlyn Tharp, Marketing Intern

After NRH2O has drained the pools and closed up shop for the off-season, we throw an End of Season party for all of our team members. We acknowledge team members from each department for their hard work throughout the entire season. We also have two other awards, the Norma French award and Team Member of the Year. These are our top two awards given to individuals who are outgoing, always represent the qualities of NRH2O, have a strong foundation of integrity, and respect all fellow team members and guests.

Did you know that you, as a guest, help determine our award winners? Team Member of the Year takes into account team member votes, management feedback, and most importantly, guest compliments. Our team members are prohibited from accepting monetary tips. So, instead, if you are extremely satisfied with your experience with a team member you can “tip” them by filling out a guest comment card for them at Guest Services. You just have to have their name, department (or where you observed the outstanding guest service), and a brief description of how they exceeded your expectations. So, the next time a lifeguard, front gate team member, cabana attendant, or food & beverage team member exceeds your expectations, head up to Guest Services to fill out a comment card! Each team member that receives a positive guest comment receives a free combo meal and points towards becoming Team Member of the Year!

You might have noticed team members throughout the park in different shirts than the rest of their department. These are our Team Member of the Week shirts. Every other week each department picks team members for TMOW. Selection is based on hard work, outstanding guest service, ability to work with others, and overall representing the park in a positive light. Winners receive combo meals, gift cards, and a t-shirt to wear throughout the summer.

We value our guests’ opinions and the hard work of all of our team members. So help your voice be heard and let us know who you think should be Team Member of the Year!

Jul 07

Don't Let the Sun Ruin the Fun

Posted on July 7, 2016 at 3:47 PM by Stephanie Hee

Don't Let the Sun Ruin the Fun
Marketing Intern, Kaitlyn Tharp

Majority of guests tend to stay the entire day at NRH2O, spending endless hours in the scorching sun, going down slides, and swimming. It is rare when guests take a portion of their “play time” to focus on their health and nutrition. Just because you are on vacation and enjoying your day off, your body does not get a break. Our bodies are constantly working, which is why they are in direr need of proper of nutrition and hydration. The sun has several effects on the human body, both positive and negative, but we cannot protect ourselves from these consequences if we are not aware of them.

Many people know the beneficial side effects of the sun’s UV rays:

  • Improves quality of sleep
  • Boosts the body’s supply of vitamin D and enhances absorption of calcium in the bones
  • Enhances your Mood

The sun is overwhelmingly powerful, and the short-term and long-term side effects that the sun has on our bodies can be dangerous and enduring:

  • Heat Stroke – These occur when our body is going through strenuous activity in extreme heat. It is important to constantly hydrate to replace the fluids we naturally lose while in the sun and running around NRH2O. Drink water consistently, stay in shade, and eat quality food full of nutrition!!! Try to limit your consumption of sodas, fast food, and heavy dairy products. These foods are heavy and can make you more vulnerable to heat strokes; compared to if you ate nutritious food and drank plenty of water.
  • Cataracts – Our eye tissue can become damaged through excessive exposure to the UV ray light. Cataracts do not form over night, but constant exposure to sun light will cause cataracts to form sooner. To help prevent future cataracts, wear sunglasses or hats to keep your eyes out of the sun. When you come to NRH2O, bring an extra pair of sunglasses and set your belongings in a shaded area.
  • Sun Burns – the causes of these painful burdens are obvious and completely preventable. Put on sun screen throughout the day and try to wear swim clothes if you are extremely fair skinned. Focus on the areas of your body that the sun directly hits: your face, shoulders, back, and neck. But why does our body sunburn? When our skin cells absorb the Ultra Violet Rays from the sun, the skin cells produce Melanin (pigment that absorbs the harmful radiation). When our skin cells produce melanin, it causes our skin to tan. But when our skin has absorbed it’s maximum amount of UV Rays and run out of melanin, our skin cells die off. When the skin cells die, it leads to excess blood flow for repair, which is why sunburns are red and sensitive. The dead cells will shed off eventually, which is why sunburns peel. Remember that each body is different in the amount of UV rays that it can absorb, how much melanin can be produced, how dark their skin can get, and how easily they burn.

Now y’all know the how and why to our summer health! Remember to drink plenty of water, eat nutritional quality food, and there can never be too much sunscreen!