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Hiring Information
NRH2O begins its hiring process in February. At this time, we begin hiring for all positions. Applicants must be at least 15 years old, and some positions have a minimum age requirement of 16. NRH2O conducts all training, and no experience is needed for lifeguards.

The application is the first step to becoming an NRH2O Team Member; we only accept online applications. You will be able to choose up to three positions and list your summer availability; the better your availability, the better you may do, but NRH2O is committed to working with all school related activities and schedules. After we review the applications, we will contact you via email if you are selected for an interview. During this process you will meet with a representative of NRH2O whom will conduct the interview. The interview will last approximately 15-20 minutes. Remember that there are no right or wrong answers during this interview, and attitude and personality are just as, if not more, important than work experience for the majority of the positions for which you will interview. NRH2O evaluates each potential candidate based on his/her performance during the interview. Candidates are graded on a number of questions and these scores are compared to the scores of other applicants. The number of applicants for each position and the number of positions open helps to determine the minimum score that will qualify you for employment. NRH2O will not contact you if you are not offered employment. The offer you receive from NRH2O is contingent on your ability to pass a drug test and background check, both of which will be conducted at a later date.