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Available Positions
NRH2O Family Water Park has many positions available at the park. Find out which job best matches your interests and abilities and apply online.

Aquatics Team
By joining the aquatics team at NRH2O, you will have the responsibility of ensuring the safety of the guests while enjoying the opportunity to work in a fun environment. The lifeguard team is full of fun, energetic, hard working people. If you enjoy working in an exciting outdoor environment and meeting a bunch of new people, then the aquatics team is right for you! *Lifeguards must be at least 16 years old. 

Shallow guards must be able to swim 25 yards and retrieve a 10 lb. brick from 4 feet of water.

Deep guards must be able to swim 200 yards and recover a 10lb. brick from 8 feet of water and tread with it for 2 minutes.

Elements of Fun Team
Elements of Fun are responsible for hosting birthday parties, the cabana waitstaff service, assisting in the food and beverage department, and conducting park surveys. The most important role, however, is entertaining the guests in the park. Elements of Fun are energetic, outgoing, friendly, fun loving, loud, spontaneous, good with kids, witty, and most of all, a lot of fun! *Applicants can be 15 years old. 

Food & Beverage Team
Food and Beverage team members work in a fun, entertaining, fast paced work environment and produce delicious meals and snacks, ranging from hamburgers to ice cream for our guests. Departments within Food and Beverage include Sharky's Smokehouse & Grill, River Falls, Ice Cream Shop and carts. Team members will learn basic guest service and culinary and cash handling skills. Food and Beverage team members need to be friendly, outgoing, efficient, enjoy outdoors, good at handling cash, work well with others, responsible, fun and maintain a positive attitude.

Front Gate Team
The Front Gate team is the first impression of NRH2O that our guests see. They sell tickets and season passes, as well as regulate entrance into the park. Front Gate team members must be friendly, energetic and outgoing. Team members must also be able to promote and inform guests about upcoming events, have good cash handling skills, ability to interact well with people, control access into the park and ensure that guests are in compliance with park rules before entering, as well as have a thorough knowledge of the park and a willingness to help guests. *Applicants can be 15 years old.

Gift Shop Team
The Gift Shop sells all kinds of merchandise from candy to swimsuits for our guests. It is important for Gift Shop team members to know about all the products we sell. Team members must be friendly, outgoing, responsible, organized, have good cash handling skills, work well with others and reliable. In addition to selling merchandise, team members will be required to keep the Gift Shop organized, maintain inventory, develop on park merchandising and be knowledgeable about the park.

Reception Team
The Receptions team is responsible for answering incoming park calls, scheduling and checking in groups, and assisting guests with birthday questions and bookings. There is a high emphasis placed on guest service and exceeding their expectations in person and over the phone. Group Sales team members need to be detailed oriented, friendly and self motivated.

Maintenance Team
The NRH2O Maintenance team is the backbone of the water park. The Maintenance team members are always on top of things, making sure the rides are working and safe and the pools are clean and crystal clear. If this sounds appealing to you or if you like working outdoors and like fixing things, the maintenance team is for you!

Park Safety Team
The NRH2O Park Safety team is responsible for the safety and well being of the park's guests. We are always looking for new members and you must be at least a certified EMT-B to apply.

Park Services Team
The Park Services team has the most unique opportunity in the park to make an impression on NRH2O's guests. Park Services is responsible for making our park look as clean and beautiful as it can be. In addition, they ensure that our guests have a wonderful time by always being ready to answer a guest's question. Park Service team members need to be hardworking, energetic and friendly. If working outdoors, being part of a team and delivering high quality guest service to our guests sounds good to you, then come join our team! *Applicants can be 15 years old.

Group Sales Intern
The Group Sales intern is responsible for coordinating group events including scheduling, execution of events, payment, and communication with other water park departments to ensure group satisfaction. The intern will act as an administrative assistant to the professional staff of various departments as assigned. Part of the position can include sales calls to drive new business and prospective guests, as well as possible sales presentations and/or meetings. The intern is needed from approximately May to September for approximately 20 hours per week. The Group Sales intern(s) will need to be enrolled in college, and be friendly, outgoing efficient, responsible, and detail-oriented. 

Marketing Street Team

The Street Team acts as NRH2O's physical presence at a variety of community events and on-park events, and is a primary way for NRH2O to directly engage guests. The Street Team will distribute NRH2O branded promotional items, photograph both the event and promotional efforts, collect emails for our distribution lists, and check in and post to social media outlets while at events. The Marketing Street Team will be active in the community, outgoing, informed and professional, and passionate about NRH2O. *Street team must be at least 16 years old and have own transportation to off-site events.