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Descriptions, Rules & Ratings
Ride Name
Beachside Bay
Guests can recharge on the white sand beach or in the relaxing waters of the 5,300-square-foot pool at Beachside Bay. The bay also features a sand volleyball court and Tech Deck- a charging station for connected devices such as cell phones, computers and iDevices.
Moderate thrill, water up to 58 inches
Frogstein’s Splashatory
Frogstein’s Splashatory is a five level interactive water playground that offers an opportunity for the entire family to have fun in the water together. The attraction consists of eight slides, interactive water activities and a giant 317-gallon tipping beaker that periodically spills water on the guests waiting below. A great feature of this attraction is the shaded structure that covers a portion of the pool so that families can play for hours without exposure to direct sunlight.
Guests must be under 250 lbs. Cut off jeans, denim clothing, hard metal objects, T-Shirts and shoes cannot be worn on the body contact slides. Aggressive
NRH2Ocean (Wave Pool)
The NRH2Ocean is a 12,000 square foot, 225,000 gallon wave pool that can be enjoyed by all guests. Generally, the waves are on for 10 minutes, off for 10 minutes.
Guests may only enter from the beach end. Baby floats are not allowed in the wave pool. Arm floaties are allowed when accompanied by an NRH2O life-jacket; parent must be in direct contact.
High thrill and deep water
Endless River
The Endless River is 660 feet long and provides guests who need a break from walking around the park a place to relax and float. Guests also enjoy the misters that are located under the bridges.
The only entrance and exit for the Endless River is at the steps. No horseplay.
Moderate thrill, water up to 48 inches
Tadpole Swimming Hole
The Tadpole Swimming Hole is a favorite among our younger guests. Kids can slide down various chutes and try their skills on the balancing nets and lily pads. There are also three smaller waterslides for the kids; the yellow slide is the only place where a parent can ride a slide with a child in their lap.
Guests must be under 48”, Supervising adults are welcome
Low speed and shallow water

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