After 124 long days, Summer is here and NRH₂O is finally opening the gates! Starting May 27th, NRH₂O will begin our regular season, where we open each day at 10 AM. This will be NRH₂O’s 23rd season, and we are overjoyed that it is about to begin. The staff here at NRH₂O has been busy this off season, working hard to tweak up the park to make your time here more enjoyable. You will be able to spot slight modifications throughout the park: New Endless River bridges, brand spanking new climbing ropes in the Splashatory, and fresh paint jobs on all the pools and slides. Besides our several infrastructure updates, NRH₂O has continued to implement our new branding by creating new signs that are hung throughout the park, our new welcome sign that is located at the front gates, and a photo opportunity station at the front of the park, where you can take a picture with our enjoyable mascots. As you may know, NRH₂O got FOUR new body slides last season, which proved to an amusing success, and we are excited to see people return this year to enjoy their favorite new slides.

Hold on to your cravings and keep track of your blood sugar levels, because NRH₂O is bringing in some tasty new additions to make your dining experience here even more pleasurable. Al Gator’s has endless amount of new options that offer selections to a variety of taste buds: BBQ Pork Grilled Cheese, Fried Mozzarella Cheese Bites, Breaded Chicken Sandwich (which is Gluten Friendly), and Sausage on a Stick. WOW!! I almost ate my key board after typing all of that! Al Gator’s is also now offering Gator Gulp, which is a delicious Cherry or Green Apple slushy that is topped with adorable alligator gummies. If you somehow still have any room left in your stomach, you can top off you enjoyable meal with a Loaded Funnel Cake! The Loaded Funnel Cake includes a scoop of ice-cream, three candy toppings, two different syrups, and of course whip cream.

After a day of playing in the Sun, swimming in the water, and consuming some of the most enjoyable foods around, you will most likely need a pick me up. Before you leave for the long pilgrimage home, stop by the Dippin’ Dot Shop for an essential cup of Seattle’s Best Coffee. Thank goodness that the Dippin’ Dot shop now offers Seattle’s Best Coffee, because I know that is exactly what I need to musk up the strength to get the kids dressed and packed in the car.

What a way to start a season, with fresh paint jobs and endless yummy options. But that is not all!! NRH₂O is having a huge sale following Memorial Day, where general admission will be half off on May 30 and 31. Let’s get Summer started the right way, so go to NRH₂O today!!