NRH2O Family Water Park is North Texas’ favorite family water park, conveniently located between Dallas and Fort Worth. The park offers a full day of fun for everyone in your family! Whether you want to ride the waves in the wave pool, brave our thrilling water slides, or just relax in the Endless River, we have something for everyone! Be sure to check out our events for Dive-In Movies, fireworks, and much more! NRH2O is also the best place to host your next group outing or birthday party! NRH2O offers free tubes, life jackets, and parking. Coolers are welcome.


Professor Frogstein and Dr. Unfun have always been fiercely competitive – the Professor working on the Formula for Family Fun and the Dr. trying to ruin things. At last, after 22 years of battle, the two aging scientists are semi-retired, leaving their work in the hands of their young prodigies. Dr. Unfun has left his entire lab to his twin niece and nephew, Eb and Flo. Professor Frogstein has passed on his considerable wisdom to his son Bounder.

The twins are not at all interested in their uncle’s work and have no experience or talent for research. They spend most of their days in the laboratory playing with the equipment, hoping to discover something useful and profitable, but mostly just creating a big mess.


Bounder meanwhile was always a great student. He learned a lot from his father and has decided to apply the theories of Family Fun to the study of freshwater biology. His experimental work is beginning to show a direct connection between water and fun. All he has to do now is prove it. Being a frog, he is able to do immersive on-site research, which is how he has managed to make friends with so many of the creatures that live in the lakes and streams. His trusty lab assistant Bunsen the turtle is always by his side and carries a convenient mobile laboratory on his shell.


When Eb and Flo hear about Bounder’s research, they think maybe they can use it to make themselves rich. Hoping to steal his ideas, the twins offer to work as Bounder’s lab assistants. They begin following the young scientist around, secretly taking notes, snapping pictures and copying down the calculations that Bounder scribbles on the walls. Unfortunately, they don’t understand any of it.


As Bounder’s research expands, he recruits his many new friends to help him. A local builder, Chipper the beaver, offers to build an exciting new Fun Lab, big enough for Bounder, the twins, and all their helpers to work together. With the help of the Gnawed Squad (Chipper’s well-meaning muskrat crew), two squirrels named Piper and Sheldon, Waterford (a seller of fine collectibles), and the world famous (as seen on the Food Network) Chef Al Gator, Chipper begins work on the lavish new laboratory.


It can only be a matter of time before catastrophe strikes. One morning while Bounder is doing research at the bottom of the lake, the twins stay behind in the nearly completed lab, amusing themselves with the gadgets. One machine that really fascinates them is a ripple machine attached to the large aquarium where the tadpoles are playing. When the dial is turned up, the ripples become waves and the tadpoles flap around in delight. To please their tiny friends, the twins turn the dial all the way up to 11, the highest setting. Immediately, enormous waves begin splashing out of the aquarium. Eb, Flo and the tadpoles are washed right out of the lab.


Bounder feels the huge waves all the way down at the bottom of the lake and immediately rushes back to see what mischief the twins have caused. A huge pool with flowing waves has been created right outside the lab with everyone splashing around in it. Far from a catastrophe, the twins have accidentally created a new source of entertainment, helping to prove the theory that Water = Fun, and no formula or equation was needed.


Bounder has discovered, as nearly everyone has, that the connection between water and fun needs no explanation. There is no academic degree required to enjoy family fun in a splashing, squirting, drenching, dousing environment. All you have to do is show up and get wet!