My party is not until later in the day. Can I arrive at the park before the start of the party?

Absolutely. We open at 10 a.m., and you can check-in at the Group Sales office any time after 10 a.m. We just ask that you are at your party’s hosting location a few minutes before the start of the party hour.

I have parents and grandparents of some of the birthday guests coming to the party, but not eating the food or participating in the party. Do they have to purchase a ticket?

All guests must have a ticket if they are entering the park, regardless of the amount of time staying and whether or not they will be participating in any water activities. Each birthday package comes with two complimentary tickets for parents, relatives, or friends, but do not include the party amenities (meal, ice cream, birthday cups, etc.) Non-party guests/additional chaperone tickets are $18.99 per person.

Can I bring my own cake?

Yes, as long as you have purchased a birthday package or reserved seating for the day. We can store it for you in the fridge until the time of your party. Please visit Guest Services located at the front of the park to let them know you would like your cake.

What can I bring?

Decorations such as table covers, balloons, and your own themed party paper goods are allowed. We just ask that you please remove these items before you leave the space at the end of the day. You may also bring additional drinks such as bottled water and soft drinks, snacks, and sandwiches from home, but no packaged, fast food such as boxed pizzas, Chick-fil-A, or drinks from gas stations or coffee shops.

Some of the party guests will not arrive at the park when I do. How do they get their ticket?

When you check-in at the Group Sales office, all of the tickets for the party guests will be printed at one time. You will take the tickets that you need, and the rest will stay in Will Call for the other guests. They will need to check-in at the Group Sales office when they arrive, give the receptionist their name, the name of the birthday child’s party, and the time the party will be held.

I want to add-on food and additional items. When and how to do I do that?

All additional food and item purchases will need to be made when the main contact checks-in at the Group Sales office.

What if it rains?

If it is just raining, the park will remain in full operation, as long as the rain is not so heavy that we are unable to see the bottom of the pools. In the event of heavy rain and inclement weather in which we have to close the park, these are the options for birthday parties: – If we HAVE hosted the party before the park is closed due to weather, we do not offer a refund of the party, but we reschedule the reserved seating for another date (if applicable).

– If we have NOT hosted the party before the park is closed due to weather, we will reschedule your party. In order to receive a refund, cancellations must be made at least a week in advance from the date of the party.

When can the complimentary tickets that are included in the package be used?

The complimentary chaperone tickets can be used only on the day of the scheduled birthday party.

What if the birthday child is 2 years or younger?

If the birthday child and the party guests are 2 years old or younger, the eight tickets that come with the party package can be used for the parent(s) of the children. Any non-party guests/additional chaperone tickets are $18.99 per person.

I have more than 8 guests.

Additional Party Guests (guests that will receive the party food and amenities) are $29.99 each for the Bounder’s Birthday Bash package and $39.99 each for the Extreme Extravaganza package.

What is a Big Squirt!®?

NRH2O’s official water toy that can be used both here at the park and at home!

I’m running late.

Due to the fact that we have a full day of birthday parties, we are unable to begin a party early or extend the time of the birthday party. We will try our best to utilize the time that we have within the party hour, but we cannot offer a refund or partial refund if the full hour was not available due to the tardiness of the guest.

Can we stay on Birthday Island after our party?

The Bounder’s Birthday Bash package birthday parties are hosted on the Birthday Island (located near the front entrance of the park), unless reserved seating was purchased for the day. Since we have a full day of birthday parties, we ask that the guests exit the Birthday Island after the completion of the party, even if you are the last party for the day.

Can I change the food I originally reserved for the party?

We ask that you give our Group Sales team notice that you are changing or altering your food selections at least two days in advance. If you let us know the day of the party, it must be at the time of check-in at the Group Sales office.

A birthday guest has food allergies or dietary restrictions.

We can always offer vegan food choices, but if the guest has food allergies to things such as gluten or peanuts, we cannot guarantee that our food did not come into contact with either of these types of food. Please remember that you may also bring food and drink from home such as bottled water and soft drinks, snacks, and sandwiches, but packaged, fast food such as boxed pizzas, Chick-fil-A, or drinks from gas stations or coffee shops are not permitted.

Why don’t the parents get to go to the front of the attraction lines?

The reserved ride time with your party host is for the Extreme Extravaganza party package and is for the eight party guests only. If there have been additional party guest tickets that are purchased for additional children, then they are included in this event.

Is there a power source at Birthday Island or the picnic area?

There is not a power source at Birthday Island or any of the Splashatory or Forest Picnic areas.

Can I reserve the Birthday Island on a weekday without booking a birthday party?

Depending on availability, you can reserve the Birthday Island by speaking with one of our Groups Sales representatives either at the park or over the phone at 817-427-6500.

Do I have to purchase a birthday package if I want to host my own party at a picnic area?

No! Our picnic areas seat 24-32 people have four picnic tables under a covered, shaded structure, and they will belong to your group for the entire day. They can be reserved in the Group Sales office, over the phone, or at the Guest Service booth located at the front of the park. They are $39.99 Monday through Thursday and $74.99 Friday through Sunday. Decorations such as table covers, balloons, and your own themed party paper goods are allowed. We just ask that you please remove these items before you leave the space at the end of the day.

What about tickets if I just host my own party at a picnic area?

No worries! If you register your group prior to your visit, tickets are $17.49 per person regardless of age, and $18.50 per person regardless of age if you purchase tickets the day of the visit. As always, children two years and younger are free!

Do I have to wait until the day of the party to pay and pick-up the tickets?

Take advantage of our pre-payment plan and receive your tickets so that you may distribute them to your guests prior to your arrival. If the pre-payment plan is not chosen, a 25% deposit is due when making a reservation.

I am a Season Pass holder, and the birthday child has a season pass as well. How does this work for a birthday party package?

The season pass will be used for admission to get into the park, but you would still need to purchase the birthday package for the birthday party guests since they will be eating the food and using the birthday extras (Big Squirt, souvenir birthday cups with free refills, etc.)