Our yearlong fear is finally here, bikini season. After months of dieting and exercising, we are one step closer to the summer body that we wished for.  Personally, I know how hard it is to travel or go out for day when you are on a strict diet, because sadly a Personal Pepperoni Pizza is not on any successful diet plan that I know of. The food that is always available (Fast food) is never the food that follows majority of diet plans, which is why most diets require you to do your meal prep for the day. Preparing your meals in advance is a great way to stick to a diet, because it eliminates the dreaded situations where you are forced to miss a meal or eat something you do no particularly prefer. When you meal prep, you are able to take your food with you, eat it when you would like, and you know exactly what you are eating (calorie and nutritional calculations). The hardest part of meal prep is actually bringing the food along on adventures with you. Most places you may go this summer, Texas Rangers games, concerts, museums, Six Flags, etc., do not allow guests to bring in outside food or drinks.

NRH₂O is one of the few summer attractions that welcomes coolers, of all sizes, into the park. This allows parents to bring in their own, homemade, meals for them and their kids, while saving parents money and giving families healthier options. By giving you the option to bring your own cooler or eat here, this guarantees that you family can always eat what they want when they come to NRH₂O, whether it may be from home or Al Gator’s.

Although I bring my own food to NRH₂O as a guest, I also know that NRH₂O does not produce boring food, as compared to most amusement park options. Al Gator’s and River Falls Café offer a variety of quality options that can satisfy the desires and cravings for all diverse appetites. By allowing guests to bring in their own coolers and food, we allow you to make the decision on what you would like to eat, which gives you the opportunity to stick to your diet!

Whether you are a body builder who needs to eat 30 grams of protein every 2 hours, an extremely picky eater, or just a health guru who enjoys eating clean, NRH₂O puts the choice in your hands. Your diet does not have to take a backseat to you and your family having fun! Here at NRH₂O, you are able to continue achieving your diet goals while enjoying the day with your family!

Remember, NRH₂O welcomes coolers, but you are not allowed to bring in restaurant prepared food, for example: Sonic, Chipotle, pizza boxes, Subways. Glass, knives, and alcohol are also prohibited into the park. You may bring home made meals that you prepared yourself (sandwiches, salads, meal prep in Tupperware), or snack food (chips, gummies, fruit). Rule of thumb: you cannot bring in any food or drink cups that has a restaurant’s name on it.