What does NRH2O do to make sure the pool water stays safe for my family?2017-05-06T15:45:12-05:00

NRH2O uses the latest in water chemistry controllers in conjunction with trained, certified pool operators to ensure that the water remains clean and sanitized. In addition to the automated testing of the water, NRH2O personnel manually test the water throughout the day to ensure that it is properly treated. To aid in filtration, the park employs advanced filtration methods or filtration additives such as Pulsar (SeaKlear) PRS that are both designed to remove very small particles from the pool systems. This helps to keep the water clean and safe. As an extra layer of protection for all guests visiting the park, NRH2O uses ultraviolet systems (UV) to its filtration areas. UV systems are very effective at inactivating organisms such as Cryptosporidium and actually help provide better air quality around the pool area. Another major benefit is that they work around the clock to continuously assist in keeping the water safe for all guests.

What chemicals are used in NRH2O’s pools?2017-05-06T15:44:06-05:00

NRH2O uses sodium hypochlorite (the main active ingredient in household bleach) to sanitize the water to keep the pools safe and clean for park guests. To lower the pH of the swimming pool water to required levels, the park uses muriatic acid which is a commonly used chemical in swimming pool operations.

How many guests are required to receive the group discount?2017-05-06T15:43:20-05:00

NRH2O requires 10 or more guests to receive a group discount.

How do I add Splash Cash to my account?2017-05-06T15:42:46-05:00

Splash Cash can be added to your account at any Point of Sale on park. At this time, it can not be added via the website. Please keep in mind that we cannot refund unused Splash Cash, but it can be transferred to the next season.

Does NRH2O provide towels for guests?2017-05-06T15:42:17-05:00

No, NRH2O does not provide towels. However, if you happen to forget one we have them for sale in the Gift Shop.

Does NRH2O accept donation requests?2017-05-06T15:41:10-05:00

Yes, each organization is allowed one donation per year. Please visit nrh2o.com/donations to submit your request. You will need a letter of request on your organization’s letterhead in PDF or Word format to upload at that time. The letter needs to include contact information (including an email address), date of the event, and what the tickets will be used for. If your request is approved, you will receive an email when it’s ready to be picked up or you send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to:

NRH2O Family Water Park

Attn: Donations

9001 Boulevard 26

North Richland Hills, TX 76180


Please allow up to 6 weeks for a response.

How does NRH2O contribute to water conservation efforts?2017-05-06T15:37:41-05:00

NRH2O recycles all of its water to conserve as much as possible. The water is continually filtered. At the end of the season, the park removes all of the chemicals and the water is sent back into the area’s water supply to be recirculated. Rather than cooling off at home with sprinklers and hoses, NRH2O provides an environment where people from all over the area can have fun and cool off while conserving water at the same time.

Does NRH2O offer rainchecks?2017-05-06T15:37:01-05:00

Please retain your ticket stub. If NRH2O interrupts park operations up to two hours prior to the posted closing time, guests who are at the park can exchange their ticket stub for a rain check valid for the remainder of the current operating season. Management reserves the right to suspend operation and/or close the park at any time and initiate the raincheck policy. No refunds or early issued rain checks are given.

What type of attire is required at NRH2O?2017-05-06T15:36:22-05:00

NRH2O is a family water park, therefore appropriate swim wear is required to participate on all rides and in all pools. Swim wear is defined as an article of clothing, such as a swimsuit, that has been designed to be used in a pool environment. Swim wear should be lined and may not be transparent at any time. Revealing swim wear and thong or t-back swim wear bottoms will not be permitted. No undergarments may be visible at any time. Cotton t-shirts, footwear, denim swim wear and swim wear with hard metal objects cannot be worn on the body contact slides.

What payment types are accepted at NRH2O?2017-05-06T15:35:28-05:00

NRH2O accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and cash at the park. When purchasing online, Visa, MasterCard and Discover are accepted. NRH2O does not accept personal checks.

Is smoking allowed in the park?2017-05-06T15:35:02-05:00

NRH2O is a tobacco free park in accordance with city ordinance #2249; this includes e-cigarettes. Guests must be in the parking lot to smoke.

Are life jackets available at the park?2017-05-06T15:33:24-05:00

Life jackets are available free of charge on a first-come, first-serve basis. They are located in wooden bins throughout the park. Only NRH2O life jackets are approved for use on NRH2O body slides and attractions. Please ask a team member if you have any questions.

Is there a discount for guests who are not going to swim?2017-05-06T15:32:29-05:00

NRH2O is a participatory park; therefore, we do not offer a discount for those who choose not to swim.

Are lockers available for rent?2018-05-29T19:47:54-05:00

Lockers are available for rent. Kiosks take credit/debit card and cash. Please keep in mind that the lockers do not give back change; if paying with cash, you need to have exact cash or make change in the Gift Shop. There are three locker sizes available:

  • Small, $10 – (9″w x 11″h x 20″d)
  • Medium, $12 – (9″w x 17″h x 20″d)
  • Large, $15 – (15″w x 23″h x 20″d)
What attractions have height or weight restrictions?2017-05-06T15:30:39-05:00
  • Frogstein’s Splashatory slides have a weight limit of 250 lbs. Cut off jeans, denim clothing, hard metal objects, t-shirts, and shoes cannot be worn on the body contact slides.
  • Tadpole Swimming Hole, Children’s Activity Slides, and Lily Pads and Logs have a height maximum of 48″ tall. Parents/guardians can ride the yellow activity slide with their child.
  • Viper riders must be at least 48” tall. The Viper is recommended for only 2 to 3 guests, under 550 lbs in total weight. Riders must weigh at least 70 lbs to ride individually. Riders weighing more than 250 pounds must ride individually.
  • Double Dipper and Purplepalooza riders must be able to fit and ride in the tube on their own; they may not sit in the lap of another guest.
  • Green Extreme riders must be at least 42” tall and less than 250 lbs. Guests over 250 lbs can ride with another guest if the total combined weight is 500 lbs or less. Children may not ride in their parent’s lap.
  • Accelerator riders must be at least 42” tall and less than 250 lbs.
  • Blue Sky, Thunder, Riggamaroll, and Sidewinder riders must be at least 48″ tall and under 300 lbs. to ride.
Are outside floats allowed in the park?2017-05-06T15:20:44-05:00

Outside flotation devices are not permitted as they will cover the water surface of the pools and prevent lifeguards from being able to see the bottom of the pools. Inner-tubes are available free of charge, on a first-come, first-serve basis in the NRH2Ocean and Endless River. The only exceptions will be arm floaties, inflatable baby floats with direct parental contact, and Coast Guard approved lifejackets. Arm floaties must be worn with a lifejacket in the wave pool and the child must be within arms length of the parent/guardian. The baby floats must have a seat and no hard surfaces. The baby floats will not be allowed in the wave pool.

Can I bring in a cooler and outside food into the park?2017-05-06T15:19:56-05:00

We ask that glass containers, sharp knives, alcohol and restaurant/store prepared packaged food and beverages, such as boxes of pizza, fast food, and drinks from restaurants, gas stations, etc., not be brought into the park. NRH2O has multiple food outlets that serve a variety of items, such as pizza, hamburgers, snacks and ice cream.


We do realize that some families appreciate the option to bring in their own food and beverages into the water park. Therefore, coolers with food and beverage are permitted; there are no fees or size restrictions for the coolers. As a reminder, our guests’ bags and coolers are checked at the front gate.