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NRH2O provides lifejackets at no additional cost to our guests. Guests may bring in their own Coast Guard approved lifejackets. Please keep in mind that only NRH2O lifejackets are approved for use on NRH2O body slides and attractions.


Outside Floats
No outside floats are allowed in the park. The only exception will be arm floaties and inflatable baby floats with direct parental contact. The floats must have a seat and no hard surfaces. The baby floats will not be allowed in the wave pool. Arm floaties are allowed in the wave pool when accompanied by an NRH2O lifejacket; parents must have direct contact with the child.


NRH2O Lifeguards 
NRH2O lifeguards are licensed through Ellis & Associates, the leading comprehensive aquatic risk management program in the water park industry. Ellis & Associates provides training to 90% of the water park facilities in the United States. When it comes to aquatic safety, Ellis & Associates sets the standard with its 10/20 Second Protection Standard, the worldwide benchmark for proactive swimmer standards for lifeguards and facilities. Ellis & Associates is able to achieve this through rigorous auditing standards for client facilities. At any time, an auditor can watch a lifeguard without his/her knowledge to test real-life incident management scenarios. This approach is aimed at preventing an incident before it happens, rather than just responding after one occurs. Since NRH2O opened, it has consistently ranked amongst the top water parks in the nation.

Red Cross Safety.png

The First Aid center is located at the front of the water park, next to the family rooms. It is always staffed with a trained team member and a Texas Certified EMT is on park property during park operation to ensure the safety of the guests.

SAFETY & First Aid

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